March 2016

31 Life Lessons I Learned By 31

If you believe that life is an educational experience, then everyone you meet has the potential to be a teacher and every moment may reveal a lesson. To this end, I have been blessed with more lessons than I can count – so in honour of my 31st birthday, I thought I’d share the 31 most important things I’ve learned, divided into two posts (you’ll find the first 15 below). Perhaps some of them will serve you – or have served you – as they have served me. Fly to Berlin, though your flowers may be wilted. When we graduated from Marianopolis College’s Liberal…

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My Shitty Christmas in Asia

“It’s the most, wonderful time, of the year…” Andy Williams sang sweet lies to me as my visibly bored students crafted Dear Santa letters. It was rounding 10 pm on Christmas Eve. At 10:05, I wished my students and co-workers happy holidays and jumped in a cab to finish packing for my trip to Malaysia the next day. The next morning, I checked in and bought myself a green juice while I waited to board my flight to Bali, with a two day stopover in Kuala Lumpur. I gazed over at the only other white girl around. She was sipping on…

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