February 2016

Why I Cancelled My Trip to the Maldives

For some of you who follow my social media channels, you might recall my gleeful announcements a few months back that I had been invited on a press trip to the Maldives. What was truly unbelievable about the invitation was that I had only been blogging for three months – with only a few thousand followers on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest combined. Like I said: UN. FUCKING. BELIEVABLE. And, sure enough – it was. In reality, my invitation was based on unsavoury motives, from a man targeting impressionable, attractive, young bikini-clad newbie travel bloggers. Here’s how it all went down. January 8th,…

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Me, moments before sending an e-mail turning down a job with a six figure salary

10 Times “No” Changed My Life for the Better

As a naturally curious person, I would define myself as being a yes person. Yes to trying new (vegan) foods! Yes to speed dating! Yes to world travel, and yes to joining the student council! I’m all about yes, because yes invites love, opportunity, and growth. Except when it doesn’t. Here are the few occasions that made me grateful for no. The time the McGill Faculty of Law said no to me I had been putting off my law school applications for years. I had already earned two degrees  – a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, and a Master’s degree in International Affairs. The…

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The Letter I Wrote to a Stranger in Hanoi

When I was in Hanoi, I decided I should check out Giang Cafe, the birthplace of a local culinary invention called egg coffee. On Monday evening, I took note to try it out before leaving on Thursday. On Tuesday, I traipsed around town, visiting the Temple of Literature and a few other spots. Hungry for lunch, I noticed a cafe I believed to be The Note Coffee – the #2 most recommended cafe on Trip Advisor in Hanoi after Giang Cafe. I walked in, and asked if they served lunch. They said no, so I left. The day after, I took…

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What I Learned After Visiting a Spiritual Healer in Bali

This is the first of many posts that will document a massive paradigm shift I experienced on a spiritual level over the past few months. In short, I have become vividly aware that if you’re not living your divine purpose, your body and mind will turn against you and attack itself. In my case, it was a combined diagnosis of depression, panic disorder, adjustment disorder and anxiety. More about that in a later post. It’s hard for me to pinpoint a beginning to this major turning point in my life – because really, my path started the moment I took…

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