My App Survival Kit

Apps are supposed to make our lives easier, but with the plethora of options out there ( and with over 1,000 new apps released daily), it’s hard to figure out which ones to choose for your everyday needs – especially if you work online. Though I’ve yet to boast a top shelf app arsenal fit for a pro blogger, here is my beginner’s kit that helps me get by the day to day here in Korea. For Travel and Transpo Subway Korea I would never have figured out the subway system here in the greater Seoul area if it weren’t for…

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The Perfect Long Weekend in Montreal

With an obscene number of restaurants, bars, hangouts, and hot spots, it’s hard to fit in everything Montreal has to offer if you’re only in town for a few days. Montreal guides in both digital and print formats will likely recommend classic Montreal spots like Saint Joseph’s Oratory, every major terrace on Saint-Denis Street, and the underground city (and they’re certainly classic for a reason), but if you’re looking for a more local-approved experience with a healthy dose of tourism, check out this sample platter of some of my fave Montreal spots for a perfect long weekend getaway. Thursday Night  The…

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21 Things I Miss About Living in Montreal

Though there are things I love about Korea that we don’t have back in Montreal – 24 hour nightlife, cheap cab fare and yujacha (well, harder to come by, anyway) – there are lots of things I miss about my hometown. In no order of importance, here are the top things that come to mind. My Famjam It goes without saying that I love and miss my family every day. Being away from my family has undoubtedly been the most difficult part of uprooting myself from Montreal. I’ll especially miss the holidays , when my massive extended family plays Cards Against Humanity…

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Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett, Flickr - CC

10 Kinds of Montreal Men You Meet When You’re Single

Montreal men are unlike any other on Earth. Charming and handsome while finicky and confusing AF, they are a special breed of fabulous that my friends and I  hate to love love to hate.* *Kinda depends on the day. Having been a serial dater for the past few years, here is both a guide and tribute to the men I’ve liked, loved, hated, forgiven and loved again in the city I call my home, affixed lovingly with my specially designed terms of endearments (hope you enjoy them). Please note that this is in no way an exhaustive list, and only meant…

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16 Things I Learned When I Moved to Korea

Thursday, October 22. 6:35 pm. I give a lingering hug to Dora, the lovely Burmese-American woman who sat next to me during my 12 hour flight to Incheon International Airport. She tells me excitedly that I’ll have an amazing experience teaching English in Korea.  I respond with my big, toothy smile, validating what I believe to be true. After picking up my suitcase at baggage claim, I meet Andy, my new Korean-Canadian boss with whom I share mutual friends. I roll my suitcase down into the parking lot and notice something peculiar about the cars. “Hey, is it just me,…

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Check out my interview with Jay's Odyssey!

Check Out my Interview With Jay’s Odyssey!

I recently sat down with Jason Harris, veteran travel blogger from Jay’s Odyssey to chat about my decision to leave Montreal for the open road.  Click on the audio link below my cheesalicious promo pic to learn some juicy tidbits including: Why I decided to embark on a multi-year trip around the world My musical inspiration My highest pair of heels The law of fvck yes or no My tentative travel plans My travel budget My obnoxious laugh My thoughts about investing in Travel Blog Success (by the way, if you don’t have time to listen to the interview – my advice…

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A Perfect Vegan-Inspired Day in Montreal

Maybe you’re full vegan. Maybe you call yourself a flexitarian. Maybe you’re just like me, and refer to yourself as a vegan but are known to binge attack foreign cheeses at 4am under duress or lack of sobriety (my BFF Micha knows what I’m talking about. It isn’t pretty). Or maybe you just need a little inspiration. Without further ado, here’s how to live a modern day vegan fairytale in the vegan-friendly city I used to call home. Wakey, wakey, tofu scramble and vegan bac-y. You wake up – flawless – in your cruelty-free cotton jammies (no silk allowed). You catch a glimpse…

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Take On The World Playlist

So much opportunity lies in a given day –  but some days, you need a little reminding that you CAN take on the world and make the impossible possible. Here are a few tunes to help kick your fabulous tush into gear! “If you’re chasing your dreams, you’re not running fast enough.” – P. Diddy

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My Asian Bucket List

Go bowling and/or engage in another ironic activity in North Korea Study Kung Fu at a Shaolin monastery in China Bungee jump off the Macau Tower Sing karaoke from a party bathtub in the Aqua Suite at Lovenet, Tokyo, Japan Wear a Lara Croft-inspired outfit in Angkor Wat, Cambodia Play on a beach swingset in Bali Get a henna tattoo in India Learn conversational Korean Practice yoga on the beach in Goa, India Participate in a morning Tai Chi session on a junk boat in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam Pull an all nighter to watch the sunrise on Koh Phangan after a full moon…

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My Wanderlust Playlist

My current musical picks to give y’all some wanderlust (with a few Easter eggs tossed in ’cause I love ’em and they make me happy). What songs inspire you to take flight? Share your love or haterade below!  

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